Bespoke Recording

Have you ever created a short melody which you’re proud of, but haven’t been able to develop into a full recorded composition?

Do you have a favourite song which you’ve been unable to find a decent piano version recorded?

Are you fed up with the boring mass-produced ringtones on your phone, and wish you could have a stylish piano tone, totally unique to you, and not used by anyone else?

Do you wish you could give your loved one a unique, personalised recording as a gift (wedding, anniversary, thinking of you, Valentine’s, etc) to show them how much you care?

I work as a recording artist, and create bespoke recordings to client’s instructions. If you like piano music, and enjoy the chilled-out ambient style that is Piano Hedgehog, then a bespoke recording is a seriously good way forward!

Rates vary depending on the complexity of the project you have in mind.

Please message me and include:
– Your name
– Your contact info (email and phone)
– What kind of recording project you’re after (who it’s for, what the occasion is, what kind of style you require, desired length (approximate), any other information (eg. I’d like it to start calm and end manic, Can you base it on a Metallica song but make it sound like Mozart?)

If I feel your ideas are unlikely to work very well, I’ll explain this, and discuss possible ways forward with you.
I will then send you with a quotation.
Once you are happy to proceed with the order, a simple contract will be created which ensures that the interests of both parties are protected.